Friday, 12 September 2008

Friend and Loyalty

I always wondering what the word "Friend" means when I was kid. I didn't know what friend originally mean.

One day, my teacher wrote the definition on the board. I remember he wrote "a long and close companion"Doesn't it sound great?.....

My father always told me that loyalty is a man's life. But I'm confused about that. In fact, I'm not sure what loyalty is. So I was planning to travel for a while. I sent letters to my friends from abroad. I wrote: "Friends, I'm sorry for running away like this. I'm not sure if this is right or wrong. But I believe in what I'm doing. I hope I'll find myself while I'm away. By that time, I should consider going back home for good."

After few months, I got a reply which said " You don't have to be sorry. There is nothing to be sorry between friends. We're proud of you and believe in what you're doing too. We'll wait till the day when you're coming home. So don't worry about being alone because we're here for you. Don't you remember what our teacher wrote on the blackboard when we were kids."

Now I understand what friend and loyalty are...

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