Tuesday, 17 March 2009

This end has no end...

This end has no end... I think it is the most appropriate phrase to describe my current situation.

Due to the world economic downturn, the UK is badly affected by this traumatic human made disaster. The UK construction industry also not immune from this traumatic phenomenon. As myself working in the UK construction industry, I believe now I am a victim of it.

For past few months, starting from the fall of the financial empire, Lehman Brothers in London, many UK workers have been made redundant. Although my situation is different, I still have my employment. Lucky I can say, but I am suffering from the 10% salary cut. The decision has been made by the company to regain profit since Waterman is a PLC company. With 10% salary cut, I think I am struggling to accommodate myself in the expensive UK living expenses. I might be ok if the whole salary belongs to me. But as a grown up, it is my responsibility to send part of it to my parents to relief their burden. They are not desperately needed for my money. It is just me do not want them to work hard after their retirement.

So I have made a brave and biggest decision in my life to given up all my hard work, all the luxury that I have achieved in the UK through my own effort. I decided to resign in May and return to my hometown, Kuching. I know it is hard especially when I have spent 4 years of my life in this dream land. From a crap student to a hard working engineer. I crawled slowly to where I wanted to be. Unfortunately it has to end here. I think rather than suffering from this uncertainty and unpredictable UK job market, I believe the motherland has something to offer to its own people. Frankly speaking, there will always be a place for a professional like me.

Alhamdulillah, luckily I have been offered a position in Kuching. Pretty good offer even though not as much as I earn here. But still can afford ( I can say) my humanly needs. In fact, it is far more better then what I have got here in Manchester. I believe it is time to go home, where all people that I love, especially my beloved parents can be by my side. I know they miss me so much and how bad they want me to come home. Yes... Your son will come home, mak & ayah. Your son will be at home everyday, spend most of his time with you both. And once again, the house will be full of laughter. Someone will lay on the sofa with tv and satellite remotes on his hand all day for the whole weekend. Yes... That person is going to be me.

Goodbye to beautiful Preston and surrounding Lancashire County and peaceful Manchester. Goodbye Mr. Timpson and his cobbler shop where I used to shine and repair my work shoes Goodbye Joe and his skinhead gang. Goodbye Kayode with his dreadlock hair and bling-bling jewellery. Goodbye Mr. Khan and his kebab takeaway. Goodbye Mr. Kuldip and his news agent. Goodbye Ah Fong and his chinese chess set. This is Great Britain. It is undeniable, Britain is great.

I hope one day I will come back here. Maybe not for the employment, just for revisit. I hope by that time Deansgate still busy as usual, Old Trafford still peaceful as it is, Piccadilly still green and crowded with different races and colours, Mr. Mcfenna's fruit stall still operating at Market street, the Town Hall bell still ringing. Having my education and experience obtained in the UK, I am proud to be British product. It worth every single penny I reckon.

So this is it... The End Has No End...

Manchester Central Library from above


edzura said...

welcome home kaz...nikah jak balit kelak ok! kamek nak pengilan bah!

Res Judicata said...


i know sumone that'll wait for youuu :) bagus la.. dpt kawen awal :) tunggu hjg thn plis! saya ada kursus 6 bulan.. till end of nov baruk abis... saya mok pegi pengilan ktk duak :)

daria.lala said...

sikda nak d gaut mun nya dah d kch
nak o syg.

mun ktk weekend gia, sikda dating la kita ho.

wek syg.
mek main ngan remote juaklah
or dating ngan kaz superman or kaz biru.

xaximie said...

eheh~ nk balit udah nya. woh~ knak colek lagi sorg babe ku kelak.. nguguguuhuu~~~
*nangis rah sukut pintu*

daria.lala said...

dont worry xaximie.



*peyoknya d sukut pintu*

Khasmady said...

Hahaha... Thanks for the comment ladies...

Jura: Yup... I'm coming home. Berkhidmat untuk negeri Sarawak tercinta & molah foundation for my future Building Services empire. Wanna join in? Hehehe...

Siti: Hehehe... Kawen? Kumpol duit lok. Since earn in RM, maybe lambat kit. Mun masih earn in £ next year on terus. Sik pa, lambatkah cepat kah doakan jodoh kamek duak ok.

My darling: If you go out with Kaz biru or Superman, kamek sik jadi balit jak. Hehehe... Weekend lepak with me and my family la... But sofa & remote control kamek pegang la. I love you darling.

Jian: Sekda kamek colek babe kitak. Kamek duak colek kitak embak keluar. Hahaha...

Everyone: I'm looking forward to see you lads/gals.

Shinnie Shmoochie said...

Sapa kenak colek tok?
Anywho, I guess the right remark would be, "welcome home".
Sooner than I thought but I know it will be great having you around.
Now I can timang my own cucuk.
Woh, ninek dah you you. Haha.

Tough decision you have made but Allah swt always have something else instored for you, something that you have never imagined. Amin.

Rimotompok said...

pulai jak sitok.. kumpul duit, beli benda baru.. carik hobi baru... kuang kuang kuang..