Sunday, 15 February 2009

Tribute to the Northwest top boys...

The Northwest top boys a.k.a The Poks...

This entry is in the memory of the 5 Sarawakians who always stay together through the pain and happiness while being student in the Northwest England region.

The Northwest top boys are:

Mambo (Kuching): University of Liverpool
Adi (Miri): University of Liverpool
Ary (Bintulu): Liverpool College
Kaz (Kuching): University of Central Lancashire
Jal (Kuching): Salford University

All first 3 names have returned to our beloved Sarawak and make a living in their homeland. Now it's only me and Jal still chasing our dream in this beautiful and challenging Northwest England land.

Mambo has become an engineer at his father's company. He was the most brilliant and easy going person among us. Being the only person who obtained the 1st class degree award in Civi Engineering, we're proud of him. 

Adi now has become a Mechanical engineer for an oil & gas company in Miri. The coolest and calm person I've ever met. One of the closest to me. I miss Adi so much...

Ary, the youngest and concern about every little think. He thinks too much. A passionate Everton F.C fan. Rock is his life... Now continuing his education at Lim Kok Wing Kuching.

Jal, a devoted West Ham United F.C fan. Do all he can for his girlfriend. Very talkative. Loves his bedroom so much...

And me, no comment.... Discover yourself, will ya...?

So, hope we'll meet again someday... All of us...


daria.lala said...
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daria.lala said...

and you,

you are patient
you are kind
you are hardworking
you are thoughtful
you are my everything
you're the one i love

mek sikmok describe itak panjang2
better u know i know lah ehehehe
its between me, u and our webcams. oof!

love you!

aderusu-sama said...