Saturday, 14 February 2009

What is it like to be an engineer?


This time I would like to talk something about my career.

First of all, I'm a Building Services Engineer. Maybe you kind of wondering what do I do for living.

What is Building Services?

Imagine yourself in the most fabulous building in the world. Now take away the lighting, heating and ventilation, the lifts and escalators, acoustics, plumbing, power supply and energy management systems, the security and safety systems...and you are left with a cold, dark, uninhabitable shell.

Everything inside a building which makes it safe and comfortable to be in comes under the title of 'Building services'. A building must do what it was designed to do - not just provide shelter but also be an environment where people can live, work and achieve.

Building services are what makes a building come to life. They include:

  • energy supply - gas , electricity and renewable sources
  • heating and air conditioning
  • water , drainage and plumbing
  • natural and artificial lighting, and building facades
  • escalators and lifts
  • ventilation and refrigeration
  • communication lines, telephones and IT networks
  • security and alarm systems
  • fire detection and protection
In every place that you see these services...building services engineers have designed, installed and maintain them in working order. Imagine the air filtration systems you'd need in a forensic laboratory. The heating controls in a special care baby unit? How to control bacteria and humidity in an operating theatre? What about security systems at the headquarters of MI5? Lighting the new Wembley Stadium? Coping with a power cut in a 45 storey office block? 

This is everyday work for a building services engineer.

Sounds tough innit? It is tough because I am a Junior Engineer. With 3 years experience (2 in Malaysia and 1 in the UK) I still consider meself as a beginner. But to be honest, I am getting better each day. Life is all about learning. Going through it everyday improves me a lot. Attach, working for one of the best company in the world is a good stepping stone for me to excel in my career. I'm proud being part of the company.

Fortunately, I have many people around me who really understanding and supportive. The bosses and office mates really help me much. But the support from my family, friends and especially my lovely girl (Nurul Zawiyah) is much appreciated. With their support, I can go through all the pain, stress and etc in everyday life as a Building Services engineer. No matter how successful you are, never ever put aside the people you love because they always be there for you when you need them. 

For me, family (my love, you're part of it) always come first. Even though everyday life is tough and I always out of energy after long day working, I always try my best to spend time with them even just for a moment. By doing so, that's how I show my appreciation towards them. Especially with my girlfriend. I always wake her up as early as 5 in the morning (9pm UK time) just to talk to her. I do know that I am interrupting her resting time and I am sorry for that. And as usual she never disappoint me and always sacrifice her quality time for me. I am so lucky for having such an understanding person like her.

I promise to myself that I'll work hard and do my best to be on the top of my career. I am sure, one day I don't have to struggle like this anymore and spend more time with my family. It's not always be like this forever. So please be patient... This if for our future too...


daria.lala said...

i love you.
keja keras2 okey

i miss u so much here syg

edzura said...

iyerr...susah org bercan tok eyh. gud luck to u kaz.

aderusu-sama said...

hear hear boss.... viva building functionality!!!!