Saturday, 20 December 2008

Sarawak... Where I belong..

When talking about Sarawak, it makes me so emotional. No matter how great Britain is, still nothing compare to Sarawak. For me Kuching is greater than London tho we don't have the remarkable Underground Tube, Traffalgar Square, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Embankment and Buckingham Palace. In fact if i compare those things to what we have in Sarawak, we have all that, that we should proud of. For example:

Kuching = London
Miri = Manchester
Sibu = Wales
Bintulu = Midlands
Underground Tube = Range of public busses & Pak tambang
Traffalgar Square = Square at Waterfront
Oxford Street = India Street
Hyde Park = Park at Pustaka
Embankment = Kuching Waterfront
Buckingham Palace = Astana

See... We got all that in Sarawak. We even have the largest cave in the world which can accomodate 5 London's St. Paul Cathedral, 40 Boeing 747 side by side, hundreds of double decker bus. We have the virgin rain forest, beautiful islands and beaches. You name it, you couldn't get that here in Britain. That's why I'm proud being Sarawakian.

Instead of meeting family and friends, I got list of people that I'm gonna meet while in Kuching. They are my political mentor and my business contact. Everytime I'm coming home, I need to meet up with those people to build strong connection. So that when the time I'm coming home for good I already have a strong base in Sarawak. It cannot be denied, that's how things work in Malaysia. You have to gamble to success in this game.

The most imoprtant person I'm gonna meet is my "Favourite Girl". She waits for me patiently. I'll spend my time everyday with her. Urgghhh... I just can't describe how meaningful and important she is for me... Yeah... This time I got to talk to my parents that I definitely  want a serious relationship. I believe they will not gonna oppose me this time because I've done too much to improve my future from nothing to something. I've built their confidence in me. I've made them proud and all that.

Yeahh... I'm looking forward for my holiday this time... It's a trip to happiness, a trip to "Complete Kaz", a trip to where my heart and soul belong... Sarawak is not everything... Sarawak is something....


daria.lala said...

cant wait for u to come home


Res Judicata said...

eh.. kitak balit mesia mek sikpat la jumpa kitaaaaak??

hmmph... *mendengus tanda sik puas ati*


u'ul.... gine gaya tok?

apa kata kitak duak u'ul jak gi KL. sbb mek mok juak intebiu ktk.. ne bole dak sue ngan zyan jak intebiu....mesti dpt kelulusan bertulis dari kmk juak... -___-"

Shinnie Shmoochie said...

Weyyy, mun nya 2 pegi, semua babes mesti pergi you youu.
There's no love without the other babes! Hahha.

*nulis surat penerimaan*
Anda telah diterima masuk ke dalam "The Loudest Clique in Kuching"

1. Intelligent.
2. Good sense of humor.
3. Loud laughters.
4. Cry and laugh at the same time.
5. Boleh shopping with the babes.
6. Goes crazy when the babes are.
7. Goes emo when the babes are.
8. Wears chunky heels.
9. Dapat tetak terbabak and tempeyak at the same time.

Amendments can be made with or without your consent.


(sidak babes lom molah k addruse gik, huhu)

Res Judicata said...

sikpa babe...

lak mek orang molah ke ishi ktk ya :p mwahahah

iboh riso. initiation utk masok kelab kita sepanjang tahun... kuikuikui

daria.lala said...

kaz's pre-girlfriend berdehem.


Bujang Sarawak said...

Cik.. Ooo Cik... Mun saya nak mintak borang pergi counter ne kah? (environment opis di simpang tiga) Hehehe....

daria.lala said...

encik, ne ada borang agik, dah electronic kinek tok. suma make e-application. woh, yala itak, lamak ilak d tempat sejok :P

Dosz said...

huhu mun kmk jadi ktk genti rindu jwak ngn swk eh :)

daria.lala said...

yer. hows the trip ke kuching yo?

mek sayanggggg kitakkkkk, niggah

aderusu-sama said...

BAH!!! aku kt midland la kinek tok!!! hahahaha....