Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Urghhh... I've been hospitalised at 3.45a.m today. The body temperature was rising to the level that a human can't take. It seemed like my body heat sink did not working well. I was shivering and start bubblin' unconciously. I called meself an ambulance.  Discharged late this afternoon and went straight to the office to pick up few stuff for meeting tomorrow. I cannot take a leave because of the workload at the moment.... it is important to sort out all tasks before going for holiday to Kuching. Attach, I promise meself to work hard already.

Wondering how's she doing at the moment... I miss her so much.



farah.marzuki said...

aih. rilek lah. 5 ari jak. alu demam. apu nyak wai. aha get well soon!

Shinnie Shmoochie said...

Awww, little one. Take good care of yourself. I didn't know it was that bad.
As for her, don't worry. She's in good hands. I miss her, too.

daria.lala said...

i love you. im fine, ktk ya ee demam indah ya. i miss you too.